A-CLOUD® Classic
Anti-Noise barrier - ultra-light weight

The A-Cloud® Classic's are available in 3 models and can be installed as a standalone cloud or mixed together in a “sky of clouds” according to the site and the volume of the room to soundproof. Thanks to their light weight characteristic, A-Cloud ® can be installed in every configuration.

A-CLOUD® Light
Anti-Noise barrier, light weight and bright light

Choose the colour of your cloud :
With A-Cloud® Light the acoustic cloud becomes bright and illuminates colours! You can select from a wide chromatic range: three shades of white and a range of colours as rich as the rainbow! The remote control supplied with each cloud allows you to select the exact colour of your choice and change the shades instantaneously according to your taste by turning the chromatic wheel. Your clouds light up dark rooms and adjust to the atmosphere or the decoration of the site. Why don’t you take advantage of the light features for a chromo-therapy session? Don’t you know that specific colours provide well-being, calming or tonifying beneficial properties.

Available sizes :

A-CLOUD® Business
bright light and protective-shielding

Communicate that you are available, or you are busy and can’t be disturbed :
A-CLOUD® Business propels you in Business Class Office for a unique sensorial experience. With its presence sensor the A-Cloud® Business lights up your workspace upon your arrival. Comfortably settled under your cloud you are protected from external noise pollution and you can focus on your job. An important call? A task to complete before leaving for the weekend? A single click and your cloud turns its light to “unavailable” mode and communicates clearly that you can’t be disturbed for the moment.

Available sizes :

A-CLOUD® Connect
anti-noise barrier – bright light and interactive

Monitor the surrounding noise above the acceptable threshold :
The A-Cloud® Control range has been designed to provide a solution to the typical recurring pains experienced in call centers and assimilated locations. Whenever discussions become intense the phone operators may easily get annoyed at each other and the customer experience during the call could be irremediably damaged. The client contacted starts hearing the conversations of nearby phone operators and feels unappreciated or dragged into a low quality service.
The embedded sound level meter inside the cloud triggers a change in the color of the cloud or a light flashing mode to alert the people a pre-set acceptable threshold sound level has been exceeded and, consequently the quality of the conversations will suffer. This smart feature helps the phone operators to monitor their voice levels and by controlling smoothly their behaviour they are able to provide top notch customer service. customers.

Available sizes :

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