How to protect children ears’ from excessive noise ?

At school noise is everywhere !

The moment you enter a school playground you realize the extent to which children are exposed to noise pollution from a young age.

Tiredness, irritation, cries … in a day-nursery often space is limited, and a child doesn’t recover well even during the rest periods. More than 1 child out of 2 complains about noise pollution at school and the effort made by the teachers to maintain a quiet atmosphere also contributes to the overall exhaustion turning the ambient noise level even more unbearable.

The A-Cloud®soundproofing system installed in a day care center or in a school will relieve the ears stress of the children as well as the eyes. With its soft and rounded shape the cloud provides the double benefits to block noise and to deliver a light environment helping to recover during the sleep and to foster the harmonious development of the imagination of the child. Comforting and efficient the A-Cloud®can embed a sound level meter signaling by a change of colour teachers and children when the ambient sound level is exceeding a pre-set and programmed threshold. A playful and efficient way of self-management to eliminate the noise pollution !

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