How to reduce the ambient noise level in a co-working space?

This is the question !

Everybody is concerned by the noise at work the co-working and open spaces are fertile ground for noise pollution.

Co-working and pen spaces enable a friendly atmosphere and a proximity increasing communication but unfortunately also foster a higher level of surrounding noise, a situation that doesn’t help focus or productivity. With phones ringing, ambient noise and loud conversations all the time it could be a real challenge to work peacefully and feel well in an open space. In addition, work spaces could be installed in renovated buildings, halls or former factory floors with an architecture generating the “cocktail reception” noise atmosphere due to the fact that the shapes of the building structure amplify the sounds and cause an uncomfortable echo effect.

In such a context installing A-Cloud®provides individual comfort even in large and busy open space.

In addition to blocking noise your cloud can be equipped with the “presence sensor” option. An individual remote control enables you to signal with the change of colour to your cloud that you are currently unavailable to interact with your Colleagues: a smart device to help you to focus even in the middle of an animated co-working space !

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