How to set up a pleasant work environment for your teams and employees?

Soundproofing your office space is the priority !

Legal, accounting and business support services, sales and marketing building and agencies … The service activities are often structured around a floor layout mixing shared offices by multiple employees, open space, meeting corner rooms and relaxation area. These are typical settings likely to generate noise annoyance issues. A well soundproofed work space encourages high productivity and well-being in your company.

The modular, efficient and compatible with all type of ceilings A-Cloud®soundproofing solutions help you to organize your office spaces as you like while providing to your teams and staffs with a high level of sound comfort. Easy to install, light weight and visually aesthetic the A-Cloud®® will follow you wherever you go. You move to a new office space of you re-design your office layout ? A-Cloud® moves with you ! Designed with a sustainable approach and made in France the A-Cloud®'s move with you and contribute to your CSR initiative.

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