Our approach

Delivering a unique experience and Customer centric solution with a measurable tangible result

is at the heart of the innovative approach and values of the A-Cloud® compagny. From the diagnostic stage to the selection of the best solution for problem, we work with quantifiable objectives and the focus to reduce noise pollution to a level where your experience will shift from pain to comfort.

The sound Reverberation Time in seconds (Rt)

is the cornerstone of our feasibility study. The sound propagation time is measured after the noise source stops emitting and according to the multiple sound rebounds on the walls of the room. The longer the reverberation time the more the room falls into the acoustic reverberant type. To eliminate efficiently this sound phenomenon it is recommended to introduce in the room a device whose material, shape and positioning will reduce the reverberation. By reducing the sound reverberation time under a standardized normative threshold the acoustic comfort of the room will be compatible with its use. The French standard is the l’AFNOR NF S-31.

The sound reverberation time in seconds

varies according to several factors : the type of building materials of the room, the size and overall shape of the location. The data collected during the diagnostic allows us to propose the most adequate soundproofing room layout using one or more cloud versions.

As an integral part of its quality approach, the acoustic diagnostics proposed by A-Cloud®are carried out by a certified independent acoustic bureau delivering a comprehensive report. To know more about the A-Cloud® Satisfaction Guaranteed Protocol click here.

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Overview of the recommended sound reverberation time by type of rooms and working space environment.

AFNOR standard

Office spaces (open and co-working)

Individual personal office room
Rt < 0,7 s.
Co-working space
Rt < 0,6 s.
Open space
V > 250 m³ 0,6 < Rt < 0,8 s.
Restaurant Canteen Lounge
V > 250 m³ Rt < 1 s.

School & Learning Class room

School classroom
0,4 < Rt < 0,8 s.
Restaurant lounge and dining room
V > 250 m³ Rt < 1,2 s.

Hospital & Medical Center

Hospital & Medical Center
V < 250 m³ Rt < 0,8 s.
Health & Medical Center with hospital beds or residential
Rt < 0,8 s.
Relaxation & ward room
Rt < 0,5 s.
Office space
Rt < 0,8 s.

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