The concept


Is continuously damaging our life. Now A-Cloud® provides a modular, aesthetic, sustainable and affordable soundproofing solution !

What is the
A-Cloud® solution ?

Unlike the acoustic wall panels, A-Cloud® is a soundproofing system suspended from the ceiling with a cloud like design shape. Designed to eliminate the acoustic resonance in modern public areas and reduce everyday life noise pollution.

Why the cloud ?

The specific shape of the CAD designed acoustic A-Cloud® eliminates the plane surfaces on which the noise level tends to rebound. The curved shape of the cloud contributes to the acoustic efficiency and the sound pollution absorption. In addition to improving the acoustic comfort the A-Cloud® enables an adequate lighting room and atmosphere in co-working spaces. Its soft shape and quilted appearance provide a poetic and light weight peaceful look that is highly valued by visitors, employees or clients frequenting the site.

Universal fitting for easy and quick fastening

The fitting for the installation of the A-Cloud® is designed for all types of ceilings. For conventional ceilings the decorative connectors are plug-mounted to the ceiling and instantaneously connected with the cloud. For ceilings consisting of a metallic structure or equipped with cable trays a kit of strong adherence magnets is provided. For rail mounted ceilings a twist system fits perfectly in the interspace between the ceiling floor and the rail and allows to adjust the proper height at which the Cloud should be suspended.

A product made in France combining comfort and sustainable development

A product made in France combining comfort and sustainable development A-Cloud® products are made of acoustic polyester down originating from a recycling stream and environmentally neutral (FCBA tests). The Volatile Organic Compounds testing performed on the material show a total absence of formaldehyde. Classification according to Euroclasses Fireproof tests carried out on the material: B,s2,d0 (equivalent M1). The specific acoustic polyester down also has the property to transmit light and as a consequence data. An important feature exploited in the A-Cloud® Control product range.

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