Who is behind the cloud …

A-Cloud® was born from a realization and a vision
encompasses in the 5 letters of our company name

A as the Ambition of its founder Stéphane Demguilhem, an entrepreneur and innovator with a passion for new technologies and sustainable development.

C as the acoustic Comfort that is needed by everyone to work and to leave peacefully together in a co-working space.

L as Liberty and the individual freedom that stops where another begins making annoying noise.

O as an Optimum shape, the curves of the cloud that absorb the noise with a higher degree of efficiency than plane surfaces.

U as an Universal soundproofing solution, up in the air and easy to install, compatible with all rooms and unlike the conventional acoustic panels don’t disturb the layout and setting of the office space.

D as Durability, and sustainable development with a product manufactured in France made out of fully neutral materials and framed with a CSR approach.

Corporate and Social Responsibility

Since A-Cloud® wants to go a step further in the understanding and awareness regarding noise pollution and its consequences on our health every year a share of the company profit on the sales of it’s A-Cloud®® (the cloud that blocks the noise) is donated to the CAL (Centre de l’Audition et du Langage – Center for hearing and language).

The CAL is social responsible medical health care center helping children suffering from deafness or educational and therapeutic pathologies to be socially integrated.